About This Blog

This is an herbarium with plants for California gardens with the focus on a spring, fall, a California native collection, and some medicinal plants that can be grown in California. I am happy to share my work with you and please give me feedback if something is missing or wrong. The information provided all comes from reliable resources.

Research takes some time and thus the lists are expanding slowly.

You can search for specific criteria which will assist you to make a decision of which plants suit your needs and your landscape. Some example criteria you might want to search for are:

“California Native”,
“low maintenance”,
“showy flowers”,
“attracts bees”,
“attracts butterflies”,
“drought tolerant”,
“fall color”,
“ground cover”,
“filler plant”,
“background plant”,
“street tree”,
“lawn tree”,
“perennial border”,
“screen plant”,





This blog is dedicated to my horticulture professor Dave Andrews who has generously shared his knowledge over the past two years with us.

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