Camellia japonica

Botanical Name: Camellia japonica

Phonetic: kuh-MEEL-ee-uh juh-PON-i-kuh

Common Name(s): Common Camellia/Japanese Camellia

Family: Theaceae
Origin: China, Korea, Japan
Plant Type: Large shrub, small tree, perennial
Persistence: Evergreen

Leaf Type: Simple, serrate, alternate
Number of Leaflets:
Leaf Color: Dark green
Fall Color: –
Texture: Medium
Density: Dense (when healthy)
Bloom Season: Winter to early spring
Flower Color(s): White, red, pink, cream, bright colors

Exposure: Part shade
USDA: 7-9
Climate Zone(s): 7, 14-17
Growth Rate: Slow to moderate              
Height: 5-20 Feet
Spread: 5-15 Feet
Hydrozone: Low/medium
Pest/Diseases: Camellia petal blight
Soil: Acid soil, good drainage, high organic content, regular moisture

Features: Most prized ornamental, showy flowers
Uses: Espalier, screen, border, specimen, foundation, indoor, Asian garden, courtyards, containers

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