Bergenia cordifolia

Botanical Name: Bergenia cordifolia

Phonetic: bur-JEN-ee-uh Kor-Dih-foal-ee-uh

Common Name(s): Heartleaf Bergenia

Family: Saxifragaceae
Origin: Central Asia
Plant Type: Herbaceous perennial
Persistence: Evergreen

Leaf Type: Simple, large, heart shaped base
Number of Leaflets:
Leaf Color: Green
Fall Color: –
Texture: Coarse
Density: Medium
Bloom Season: Spring
Flower Color(s): Colorful, pink (crassifolia: pink more soft)

Exposure: Part shade
Climate Zone(s): 18-24
Growth Rate:               
Height: 1-1.5 Feet
Spread: 1-1.5 Feet
Hydrozone: Medium
Pest/Diseases: Scale, spider mites, white flies
Soil: Well-drained soils, shaded microclimates, tolerates dry soil

Features: Rabbit and deer tolerant, drought tolerant, heavy shade tolerant, heart-shaped leaves
Uses: Ground cover, shaded border, edging

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