Euphorbia pulcherrima

Botanical Name: Euphorbia pulcherrima

Phonetic: You-Fore-BEE-uh Pull-keir-ih-muh

Common Name(s): Poinsettia

Family: Euphorbiaceae
Origin: Western Mexico
Plant Type: Shrub
Persistence: Deciduous

Leaf Type: Simple
Number of Leaflets:
Leaf Color: Deep  green
Fall Color: –
Texture: Medium
Density: Dense
Bloom Season: Seasonal bloomer, winter-spring
Flower Color(s): Yellow with red bracts, inconspicuous

Exposure: Part shade
USDA: 9-11
Climate Zone(s): 
Growth Rate:               
Height: 3-10 Feet
Spread: 3-7 Feet
Hydrozone: Medium
Pest/Diseases: Whitefly, mealybugs, red spider mites, scale, root rot, stem rot
Soil: Regular potting mix

Features: Attractive foliage, attractive bracts
Uses: Pots, containers, Christmas season plant

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