Pinus mugo

Botanical Name: Pinus mugo

Phonetic: Pie-nuss moo-go

Common Name(s): Mugo Pine/Dwarf Mugo Pine/Swiss Mountain Pine

Family: Pinaceae
Origin: European Alps
Plant Type: Needle shrub/small tree
Persistence: Evergreen

Leaf Type: Needles
Number of Leaflets: –
Leaf Color: Dark green
Fall Color: –
Texture: Medium
Density: Very dense
Bloom Season: Non-flowering
Flower Color(s): Non-flowering

Exposure: Ful sun
USDA: 2-7
Climate Zone(s): 1-11,14-24
Growth Rate: Slow
Height: 6-12 Feet
Spread: 15 Feet
Hydrozone: Medium to low
Pest/Diseases: Few problems such as tip blight, rusts, rots, pine needle scale, sawflies, moths, borers
Soil: Loamy well-drained soils with regular moisture
Features: Mounding to broadly pyramidal habit
Uses: Containers, planters, bonsai, topiary, screening, smaller garden spaces, foliage contrast

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