Acer palmatum cvs.

Botanical Name: Acer palmatum cvs.

Phonetic: Aye-ser pal-MAY-tum

Common Name(s): Japanese Maple

Family: Sapindaceae/Aceraceae (formerly)
Origin: China, Korea, Japan
Plant Type: Tree
Persistence: Deciduous

Leaf Type: Simple, palmately lobed (5-9 tips)
Leaf Color: Green
Fall color: Shades of yellow, red-purple, bronze
Texture: Soft
Density: Medium
Bloom Season: Spring (April)
Flower Color(s): Reddish-purple/insignificant

Exposure: Partial sun
USDA: 5-8
Climate Zone(s): 2-7, 14-17
Growth Rate: Slow                                        
Height: 15-25 Feet
Spread: 20-25 Feet
Hydrozone: Medium
Soil: Good soil, regular moisture, organically rich soils, slightly acidic soils, well-drained soils, sandy loams
Pest/Diseases: No serious problems, stem canker, leaf spots, fusarium, verticillium wilt, botrytis, anthracnose, root rots, aphids, scale, borers, root weevils, mites, chlorosis in high pH soils

Features: Spreading canopy habit, most robust and widely adapted, all varieties show tip burn after long and hot summers
Uses: Specimen, visual accent, Asian style gardens, containers, fall color, woodland garden, screen, bonsai

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    1. Hi Matteo, thanks for your comment. You are absolutely right and totally understand your concern ;-). Being from Switzerland I had to learn that here in the U.S. it is easier to pronounce plants in latin that is understandable amongst horticulturists. I am still practicing to pronounce them so others can understand me…here is a helpful link:


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