Pyrus communis

Botanical Name: Pyrus communis

Phonetic: Pie-Rus Com-Mue-niss

Common Name(s): Pear (Edible)/Wild Pear

Family: Rosaceae
Origin: Southern Europe, southwestern Asia
Plant Type: Tree
Persistence: Deciduous

Leaf Type: Simple, ovate to elliptic
Leaf Color: Glossy dark green foliage
Fall Color: Shades of red and yellow
Texture: Medium
Density: Medium
Bloom Season: Early spring
Flower Color(s): White

Exposure: Full sun
USDA: 4-8
Growth Rate: Fast                                           
Height: 25-30 Feet
Spread: 15-20 Feet
Hydrozone: Medium
Soil: Well-drained humusy loam
Pest/Diseases: Fireblight, anthracnose, canker, scab, powdery mildew, pear psylla, coddling moth, borers

Features: Hight maintenance, showy flowers, fragrant flowers, attracts butterflies, edible fruit, tolerates clay soil, grown for fruit production
Uses: Flowering tree, naturalize, edible garden, espalier

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