Dietes iridioides

Botanical Name: Dietes iridioides

Phonetic: Die-EE-teez Ear-ih-Dee-oy-deez

Common Name(s): Fortnight Lily/African Iris

Family: Iridaceae
Origin: Southern and eastern Africa
Plant Type: Herbaceous
Persistence: Evergreen perennial

Leaf Type: Fan-shaped, narrow, sword-shaped, basal                                            
Leaf Color: Green
Texture: Medium
Density: Medium
Bloom Season: May to September/spring to fall
Flower Color(s): White with yellow and blue markings

Exposure: Full sun
USDA: 9-11
Growth Rate:                                              
Height: 2-4 Feet
Spread: 2-3 Feet
Hydrozone: Medium
Soil: Moist, moderately fertile, well-drained soils
Pest: Crown rot, root rot and rust may occur. Scale and nematodes.

Features: Low maintenance, long blooming, resembles iris, very similar to Dietes bicolor
Uses: Annual, massing, accent, containers

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