Heliotropium arborescens

Botanical Name: Heliotropium arborescens

Phonetic: Hee-lee-O-tro-pee-um ar-bore-ess-enz

Common Name(s): Heliotrope

Family: Boraginaceae
Origin: Peru
Plant Type: Perennial shrub
Persistence: Tender

Leaf Type:  Simple                                                 
Leaf Color: Dark green
Texture:  Medium
Density: Dense
Bloom Season: Late spring to until mid fall
Flower Color(s): Violet flowers

Exposure: Full sun/part shade
USDA: 10-11
Growth Rate: Fast                                             
Height: 1-1.5 Feet
Spread: 1-1.5 Feet
Hydrozone: 2 to 3
Soil: Moist organically rich well-drained soil
Pest: Whiteflies, spider mites, mealybugs, aphids
Features: Showy and fragrant flowers, tiny violet flowers show up in clusters, deeply veined, nice textured
Uses: Annual, bedding or edging, container, standard, hanging baskets, window boxes, summer houseplant, filler

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